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Maximising Revenues. A Case Study

Maxismising Revenus, Minimising Maintenance

– A Case Study

Poor Service & Poor Revenues

A busy 36 hole, UK golf and hotel resort had over the years neglected its trolley fleet, allowing it to shrink and fall into a general state of disrepair. Consequently revenues had dropped and a poor service was being provided to its golfers.


Insufficient and Poor Quality Trolleys were hurting the Trolley Hire Business

The Golf Manager was acutely aware of this, however revenues from buggies and electric rental trolleys were strong and as there was a poor take up on pull trolleys the assumption was that demand was low. Said Golf Manager, however, made enquiries about improving the business, aware that there was a Trolley System available to help better manage trolley fleets and present a better service.

On meeting the Golf Manager it was immediately clear that if the resort was going to invest in a Trolley System it needed a complete operational and financial solution, assuring tight control of the transaction and providing a solution which made golfers return the trolley after use.

Hill Hopper could offer such a solution to fit the Golf Manager’s needs by offering its unique Keypad Operated, ‘Return Reward’ Trolley System.

How It Works…
Hill Hopper explained how the system works. Simply the golfer purchases a docket with a code (the purchase includes a deposit set by the venue); this code when inputted into the System keypad release a trolley. And when golfers put their trolleys back into the system it prints a docket which redeems the deposit. The Golf Manager likes this product, it provides the kind of streamlined control he is looking for.


Hill Hopper installs a Keypad operated, ‘Return Reward’ Trolley System

Maximising Revenues!
The first quarterly sales figures surpass both parties’ expectations, showing a 100 PER CENT INCREASE from the same period 12 months previously. The venue has doubled its trolley hire turnover!

What’s more the System and Trolleys are delivering on the promised operational and financial benefits.

Operational Benefits

  • Every Keypad transaction is backed up with a replica receipt
  • Ensuring that all transactions are paid for and recorded
  • The receipts make for easy sales reporting and reconciliation
  • Trolleys are returned after use. No longer do staff have to waste time collecting stray trolleys. And they know when a trolley is not in the trolley bay it’s out on the golf course.

Financial Benefits

  • Better and sufficient trolleys has increased usage
  • The tight control of the transaction ensures that no trolleys can be provided without payment
  • Golfers returning trolleys prevents stray trolleys being taken without payment
  • Some golfers are forgetting to redeem their deposits. An unexpected and tidy bonus for the golf shop!

The above case study is factual. There are many venues across the UK with similar issues, this venue not alone took the decision to invest in its trolley hire operation, it ensured when doing so to invest in the most complete operational and financial solution, i.e. a Hill Hopper Keypad Trolley System.

The results are a thriving golf trolley hire business which maximises revenues and minimises maintenance.

If you would think your trolley could likewise benefit, please don’t hesitate to contact Paul @ +353 87 971 4291 / – he would be delighted to discuss how Hill Hopper’s products could help your golf trolley hire business.