Golf Trolley Dispenser Systems to Transform Your Golf Trolley Rental Service

Hill Hopper Golf’s state-of-the-art Golf Trolley Dispenser Systems have revolutionised how golf venues can operate their golf trolley rental business, by enabling them to minimise their costs and maximise their revenues


Why Golf Venues Are Turning to Hill Hopper’s Golf Trolley Systems

Thronbury Golf Club Golf Trolley System

Golf Trolley Dispenser Systems

Hillhopper Rental Golf Trolleys at the K Club

Rental Golf Trolleys

How Can Hill Hopper Golf Help

Hill Hopper offers great benefits in running your golf trolley hire service


Increased Usage

Providing sufficient, good quality rental golf trolleys which are stored securely in a prime location increases golf trolley usage.


Reduced Costs

No more golf trolley repairs and renewal costs. Hill Hopper looks after that.

Thronbury Golf Club Golf Trolley System

Keeping Up Appearances

A tidy golf trolley hire service will have an immediate and long-lasting positive impact.


Full Operational & Financial Control

Hill Hopper’s Golf Trolley Dispenser System delivers full operational and financial control. Its unique features ensure that all golf trolley usage is paid for and that all golf trolleys are returned after use, maximising revenues and minimising maintenance.